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Magnesium Rotary Kiln

Magnesium Rotary Kiln

Model: Φ1.6x32--Φ4.7x72(m)

Capacity: 2-20(t/h)

Applied material: Dolomite

Application: Magnesium plant

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Detailed introduction


Magnesium rotary kiln is designed according to dolomite calcination characters and Pidgeon process requirement. Magnesium rotary kiln is the key equipment in the calciantion process. The new type energy-saving rotary kiln designed by ZK Corp. has own patent and formed dolomite calcination standard for magnesium industry in China and which is the most suitable equipment for produce magnesium.


1. According to the character of dolomite and its calcination requirement, the structure of kiln inlet and outlet sections has been optimized. It can resolve the problem of material returning back to kiln inlet and the leakage of dust.

2. The dolomite produced by our new type rotary kiln has the advantages of stable quality, high activity and low ignition loss, which can make higher magnesium extraction rate and silicon utilization rate to save running cost.

3. Rotary kiln is even calcination, large capacity and easy to operation and maintenance.

4. Inner of the kiln keeps micro negative pressure, dust pollution is lower.

Working Principle

Magnesium rotary kiln is mainly compose of driving device, supporting roller, catching roller, cylinder, kiln inlet, kiln outlet and sealing device.

1. 2-3 supporting points can guarantee the contacting surface between supporting roller and tyre is paralleled with axis line of cylinder during installation.

2. Supporting device is antifriction bearing (occasionally uses slide bearing). This design has simplified the supporting device of supporting roller, and reduced the useless power loss during operation. It has the features like easy operation and maintenance.

3. Low speed unloading rotation device is designed for easy installation and commissioning. It also can guarantee unloading rotation operation during maintenance of main driving system or other emergency situation. This design can prevent cylinder from bending and deforming during the temperature is cooling down.

4. Mechanical or hydraulic catching roller is optional according to different type of rotary kiln. Both them have high accuracy and reliability, and also make sure evenly attrition of outer circle of supporting roller and tyre at the direction of complete width.

  1. 5.Radial direction contacting type sealing device is adopted at kiln inlet and outlet. They are perfect suitable for dimension tolerance of cylinder and skewing movement of cylinder. This sealing device’s feature is good performance, longer working life and easy for replacement.

Technical Parameter

ModelCapacity(t/h)Speed(rpm)Slope(%)Support No.GearboxMotor modelPower(kw)
Ø1.6×32m20.58-2.8543 setZQ75-50YCTZ50-4A18.5
Ø1.6/1.9×36m2.5-30.53-1.5943 setZQ110-7YCTZ50-4B22
Ø1.9×39m3-3.50.53-1.5943 setZQ125-7YCT315-4A37
Ø2.2×38m5-60.214-1.643.53 setMain ZS125-5-IIMain YCT315-4A37
Auxiliary ZQ40-40Auxiliary Y112M-44
Ø2.2×45m4-50.214-1.643.53 setMain ZS125-5Main YCT315-4B45
Auxiliary ZQ40-40Auxiliary Y112M-44
Ø2.5×40m6-70.62-1.53.53 setMain ZS165-5Main YCT355-4A55
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160M-67.5
Ø2.5×50m5-60.62-1.53.53 setMain ZS165-5Main YCT355-4A55
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160M-67.5
Ø2.8×43m7-80.62-1.53.53 setMain ZS165-6Main YCT355-4B75
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160L-611
Ø2.8×55m6-0.62-1.53.53 setMain ZS165-6Main YCT355-4B75
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160L-611
Ø3×50m9-100.5-1.53.54 setMain ZS165-3Main ZSN-280-11B125
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160L-611
Ø3×60m7-80.5-1.53.54 setMain ZS165-3Main ZSN-280-11B125
Auxiliary ZS50-1Auxiliary Y160L-611
Ø3.2×53m10-120.4-1.53.53 setMain ZL130-16Main ZSN4-280-11B125
Auxiliary ZL50-10Auxiliary Y180L-422
Ø3.2×64m8-100.5-1.53.53 setMain NZS995-28VBRMain ZSN4-280-21B150
Auxiliary ZL50-9-2Auxiliary Y180L-615
Ø3.5×70m12-140.4-1.53.53 setMain ZSY500-40Main ZSN-315-072250
Auxiliary ZSY180-31.5Auxiliary Y180L-422
Ø3.6×55m14-160.4-1.53.53 setMain ZSY500-40Main ZSYN-315-072250
Auxiliary ZL65-16Auxiliary Y180L-422
Ø3.8×58m18-200.4-1.53.53 setMain ZSY500-40Main ZSN315-072250
Auxiliary ZL50-14Auxiliary Y180L-422
Ø4.0×60m1040.4-1.53.53 setMain ZSY630-35.5Main ZSN4-355-092315
Auxiliary ZL65-16Auxiliary Y200L-430

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