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Nigeria Barite MTW175 grinding mill

Barite ore processing mill machine barite powder grinding plant Nigeria
Inner diameter of ring (mm): 1750
Rotary speed of main frame(r/min): 75
Max. Feeding size(mm): < 40
Output particle size (mm): 1.6~0.045 The fineness is 0.038
Capacity (t/h): 11~25
Overall dimension (mm): 13500*11500*9500
Total weight (t): 46

Nigeria Barite MTW175 grinding mill
Large Barite size are crushed into small particles by hammer crusher from the elevator into the storage silos, and again after vibration feeder or sloping feeding tube, the barite is evenly sent to the bulk material of the upper part of the dial plate.

Bulk material under the effect of centrifugal force to the periphery of, and into the grinding ring inner raceway ring rolls impact roller rolling, grinding, after the processing of the three ring road into powder, high pressure air through the suction effect of the external air sucked into the machine, and the pulverized material with a selected powder.

Impeller rotating within the classifier of the crude materials fell regrinding, in line with the requirements of the fine powder cyclone collector with the airflow into the lower part of the discharge valve discharge shall be finished by the air flow with a small amount of fine dust after pulse filter purification discharged through blower and muffler.

The Barite crystals was large tubular crystals together can sometimes form roses shape or bifurcation crystal block, which is known as the crested barite. Pure barite is colorless and transparent, and generally is not in the form of white, pale yellow, having a glass luster. Barite can be used as a white pigment (we commonly lithopone), can also be used in the chemical industry, paper-making, textile filler in glass production, it can act as a flux and to increase the brightness of the glass. But it is the most important as a weighting agent used in the drilling industry and refining barium.

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