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Three Drum Dryer

Three Drum Dryer

Detailed introduction

Processed Materials: River sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, mineral powder, slag, coal ash, coal slag, etc.

Application: Dry-mixed mortar industry, cement, building materials, glass, foundry industry, chemical industry, etc.

Capacity: 1-50tones per hour

Heating Fuel: Coal, Gas, Oil, Biomass fuels, Wood,etc


Among the wet materials drying equipment, the three drum dryer has improved on single-tube rotary dryer as high efficiency and energy saving product. Three drum dryer is mainly used for drying certain moisture and particle size of the materials, applied in a number of enterprises and industries, it has achieved good results. Three drum dryer improves the internal structure of original single-tube rotary dryer, and prolongs the time of pre-drying of wet materials and wet materials in the machine, coupled with the seal, moisturizing and reasonable supporting measures, so that its production capacity has improved 50-80% compared with the original single-tube rotary dryer, and unit volume evaporation strength is up to 120-180kg/m3, standard coal consumption is not more than 6kg/t. It has advanced technology, reasonable operating parameters, simple and feasible operation. Widely used for drying various industries of slag, clay, fly ash, iron powder, mineral powder and other admixtures, especially used for drying all kinds of sand in cement building materials, dry-mixed mortar, glass, chemical, foundry and other industries.

Working Principle:

Three drum dryer introduces European advanced technology, which is made up of three concentric drums with different diameters as the main body. Cylinder is fitted with lifting plates and stock guides with different angles and distances, and this structure can ensure the dried material to move along the spiral moving direction under gravity, to ensure sufficient time and sufficient degree of dispersion, so that the dried materials have a sufficient heat exchange with hot air from air heating furnace in the cylinder. Special three drum structure makes inner drum and second drum surrounded by the outer drum, forming a thermal insulation system itself, the heat from the surface of inner drum and second drum involved the heat exchange in the outer drum. As the outer drum is at the lower temperature end of heat flow, the heat dissipation area and heat loss significantly reduce.


1. Equipment required investment is 1/6 of imported products.

2. To ensure final moisture of materials is 0.5% or less, and it is the preferred product for dry-mixed mortar and slag powder production line.

3. Self thermal insulation efficiency of cylinder is up to 70% (traditional single-tube rotary dryer thermal efficiency is only 35%), to improve the thermal efficiency of 35%.

4. The fuel can be coal,oil, natural gas, etc. Massively dry granule and powder materials of less than 20mm size.

5. Comparing with single cylinder rotary dryer, three drum dryer occupy 50% land areas, reduces construction investment by 50% and reduces powder consumption by 60%.  

6. Finished product moisture can be adjusted based on requirements of clients.

7. Outlet temperature is lower and the working life of dust collector is longer.

8. Use riding wheel to transmit instead of big and small gears.

Technical Data

Diameter of outer cylinder(mm)φ 1650φ 2000φ 2450φ 2800
Diameter of inner cylinder(mm)φ 1480φ 1795φ 2200φ 2506
Cylinder length(mm)1650200024504000
Cylinder speed(rpm)9.1949.33838.69069.6642
Diameter of tyre(mm)1790214025703010
Diameter of riding wheel(mm)280340380420
Inlet temperature(C°)700~750700~750700~750700~750
Dryer motor power(kw)36822



Final moisture≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%≤0.5%

Overall dimensions ofair heating furnace


Power of blower(kw)
Diameter of cyclone dust collector(mm)D=800D=1000D=1200D=1800
Raw material hopper(mm)1600x16002000x20002500x25003500X2500
Disk feeder(mm)¢800¢1000¢1200¢1500
Motor power of disk feeder(kw)

Feeding belt conveyor

Discharging belt conveyor

Reasonably configured according to the customers’ site area, the material circumstances and customer requirements
Linear vibrating screen(mm)650X2300800X25001200X30001500x4000
Motor power(kw)2x0.52x0.752x1.12x2.2

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