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Coal Slime Dryer

Coal Slime Dryer

Detailed introduction

Processed Materials: coal slime, lignite, flotation tailings , blended coal, fine cleaned coal, middle coal etc.

Application:Industries of metallurgy, chemical engineering, construction materials, cement and miningetc

Capacity:1-60tones per hour

Heating Fuel:Coal, Gas, Oil, Biomass fuels, Wood,etc

Product description:

The coal slime dryer consists of heat source; break up device, feeders, rotary drum, a belt feeder, induced draft fan, discharger and power cabinet composition. It dries the slurry that contains moisture between from 20% to 40%. The dried slurry can be widely used in power generation, civil heating and blast furnace smelting industries etc. coal slime dryer is the new type dryer which developed based on the cylinder dryer. The following materials can be dried by using this kind of dryer. The coal, raw coal, flotation plant and hybrid plant in coal industry; blast furnace slag, clay and betonies in building industry; limestone, sand, quartz, metal ore concentrate, slag and tailings in mineral processing industry; non thermal sensitive materials in chemical industry.

Working Principle of slime dryer:
The slime has viscosity. There are several working areas after the wet slurry entering into the dryer.
1. Material feeding zone.The wet slime is heated by high-temperature hot air in this area with moisture being rapidly evaporated,and the slime is taken up many times by big lead angle plate, thus there is no hardening happens to the slime.
2. Cleanup area, the wet slime will bond the inner wall easily during being taken up,so the sweeping device will clean up the inner wall timely. At same time, the sweeping device will also crush the hardening material to enlarge the heat exchange area of the slime, improving drying efficiency.
3. Inclined lifting plate, wet slurry material in this area shows a low moisture loose state, no sticking happening, materials after heat exchange enters discharge zone.
4. Discharge zone, there is no stirring board in this area, and materials scroll through this area to the discharge port.

1. Strong resistance to overload, large capacity, less fuel consumption, and low drying cost.
2. Adapting downstream drying method, the smoke and wet material goes into the dryer from the same side. Thus could acquire high evaporation intensity using high temperature smoke. The temperature of dryer discharge port is low, heat efficiency is high.
3. The operation parameters can be changed according to different material properties. So that the material inside the dryer cylinder could form one stable full cut material curtain, heat exchanging is more fully.
4. Coal slime drying machine system using the new type feed, discharge device. Put an end to the drum dryer feed plug, not continuous, uneven and returning materials, and so reduce the load of dust removal system.
5. New internal structure strengthens the cleaning of distributed material and heat conduction, eliminates the sticky phenomenon of inner cylinder. It is more adaptable to the material moisture and stickiness.
6. Coal slime dryer to achieve the "zero level thrust", greatly reducing the stop supporting roller wear, cylinder operation stable and reliable
7. The self-aligning tug structure which greatly reducing the wear and power consumption because of the good cooperate between the tug and the rolling ring

8.The product size and moisture could be controlled according to user requirement. The moisture could be lower than 8% while drying the coal slime, the size could be controlled smaller than 8mm.

Technical specifications:                                                  

Model Capacity (t/d) Evaporative water(t/h) Input moisture (%) Output moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Total powder (kw) Area (m2)
YHMG1916 300 3.29 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 134.4 42*16
YHMG2218 500 4.76 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 171.4 45*18
YHMG2518 700 6.16 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 222.9 45*20
YHMG2522 800 7.56 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 262.9 50*20
YHMG2823 1000 9.94 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 339.5 55*25
YHMG3426 1500 16.5 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 497.9 65*35
YHMG4032 2000 28.1 30±3 ≤15 750±50℃ 698.4 75*40

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