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Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine
  • Processed Materials:coconut shell, sewage sludge, sawdust, rice husk, palm kernel shell (PKS), olive shell, straw, bamboo, wood, agricultural waste, green waste, peanut shell, municipal solid waste (MSW), etc. 

  • Capacity:300-3000kg per hour

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Detailed introduction


YUHONG Group integrates research and development, design, production and service. The coconut shell charcoal making machine designed by YUHONG Group has been exported into many countries. It has many advantages such as high quality, reliable performance, unique design concept and first-class production process. This coconut charcoal making machine uses high temperature and oxygen-free carbonization technology to change coconut shell into charcoal and biogas, both of which are useful resources and can be widely used in many areas. 

YUHONG technology is the most advanced in many coconut shell charcoal making machine manufacturers. This charcoal making machine not only can process coconut shell, but also can process other biomass such as sewage sludge, sawdust, rice husk, palm kernel shell (PKS), olive shell, straw, bamboo, wood, agricultural waste, green waste, peanut shell, municipal solid waste (MSW), etc. The final product, coconut charcoal is the best material for BBQ; and it is clean and non-toxic, as well as has high thermal energy and good market.

YUHONG coconut shell powder making machine is famous in the international market for its continuous style operation system, which can be also called continuous coconut shell carbonizing machine. The continuous coconut shell charcoal machine can produce charcoal continuously, which can achieve discharging of charcoal from the discharging system while feeding of raw material by the automatic feeding system. Customers can choose any type according to the requirement and budget. To satisfy more customers, we can also provide customized service and can increase or decrease device according to your requirement.


1. YH coconut shell charcoal making machine consists of drying machine, continuous carbonization furnace and other accessories. This three parts includes transmission part, frame part, drying part, flash evaporation layer, carbonization layer, feeding part and material breaking up part, discharging part, cooling part, flue gas reburning part, water curtain dust, gasifier as well as related pipeline.

2. The design of our coconut shell charcoal briquettes making machine can improve the heat utilization and reduce fuel cost. Firstly, this machine includes the upper and lower layer so as to touch hot air source and improve the heat utilization. Secondly, material on the upper layer is dried by the fuel gas. Thirdly, this charcoal machine consists of hot air source (gasifier or hot air hot furnace) collection channel , channel for collecting heat from carbonization furnace, channel for collecting steam from flash evaporation layer, exhaust gas collection channel, so that the final exhaust emission temperature down to 100 degree Celsius.

3. Our biomass carbonization machine uses dual-drive variable-speed transmission structure with converting in edge and materials breaking up in the center. Biomass in the upper layer can form “the materials fog” to increase the contact area between material and hot air. At the same time, rotation rate of the drying machine can be controlled, so as to control the contact time between material and hot air; then material with different moistures can be dried.

4. In the beginning stage, there are two ways for heating machine, one is biomass as material for heating carbonization furnace, and another is gasifier. Customers can choose any way according the requirements and investment cost. And then flue gas produced from carbonization can be used for drying materials. But in the poor areas, if material with water content less than 10%, customers can choose our single-layer coconut shell charcoal making machine.

Raw materialVarious biomasses include organics, rice husk, tree leaves, crop straw, hay, tree barks, shells etc.
styleHorizontal, rotatable
Dimension (W*H*L)1.0*1.7*8.0m³1.3*1.9*8.5 m³1.6*2.2*8.5 m³2.2*2.8*8.5 m³3.0*3.3*8.5 m³
Cooling methodWater cooling
Main power11kw15kw18.5kw30kw55kw
Service life3-5years
Floor space   100㎡130㎡180㎡240㎡400㎡

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